Baequithaem - 50 Night Elf Hunter

Baequithaem - 50 Night Elf Hunter

Postby Laemiri » Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:59 pm


Character name: Baequithaem
Realm: Stormrage <--Alleria
Level: 50
Class: Image Hunter
Race: Image Night Elf


Can you tell us abit about yourself please ?:
Well, I'm Kay. After deciding that Alleria is no longer the place for me, I'm in the process of going through a server transfer. After hearing your guild mentioned by one of the guys that I no longer work with, I decided that I'd give it a shot, because why not. English is not my first language, but it's very strong so I'll have no issues with communicating.

Please list your alts.:
Telnair 27 Draeni Warrior, Etelania 17 Worgen Druid, Geaxi 6

Reason for leaving your current guild ?:
The guild that I am no longer with, (will be leaving as soon as I hit the character transfer) was created by a group of people that I am friends with in 'real-life' so we would all be able to play together without having to deal with most guild politics. Since half of them stopped playing, I decided that it was time to move on completely.

What can you bring to us and what do you expect ?:
I can bring to you a sunny personality and my sense of humor. Really I know that I'm nowhere near the level that I should be in terms of raiding and most dungeons, but that's really why I'm sort of here. I want to learn and the people that I was trying to learn from were overall hostile and very much the sort of "there is no wiggle room, this is what's good and there's no other possible way of doing it ever, twice." I'm very aware that the way I'm doing things probably is wrong but I'm looking for a community of people to help guide me to not suck at the game, simply put. And I sort of figure, hey. If you need something specific for a raid, I'm almost at the point where I can sort of be custom tailored to whatever is needed. So that's sort of a plus.

Comment on your build, Glyph set, gear.:
Honestly it's whatever is keeping me from seriously eating it right now.

Describe your raid experience :
Absolutely none. It's really very pathetic.

link to your raid logs.:
Nothing. Nada, zip, zilch.

Check the days you’re available:
tuesday, thursday, sunday

Can you agree with our raid times 7:30pm to 11pm Server time (UTC+1) ?:
I should be able to, yes. I'd be more than willing to alert whoever necessary if I become unavailable.

Is it good enough to maintain a high FPS? what’s the spec ?:
I've got very good connection. We've ran five man dungeons on our internet and ten player League of Legend games. This internet can handle almost anything at this point.

Are you underage ? Check yes or no:

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