For the second night in a row, MJ walked into Mogu'shan Vaults and dropped a new boss. This time The Spirit Kings yeileded the way further into the instance!

For a week in which we as a guild assumed we would only be running a 10 man due to as much as 5 regulars out. The guild stepped up huge in filling out the ranks, and taking down 3 new bosses, and getting us caught up to progression in a quick way.

A very nice job this week!



For those keeping score, that's a 2 shot on Feng the Accursed. and a 3 shot on Gara'jal the Spiritbinder.


We'd probably argue we weren't ready. We'd probably argue that some had no business being in there. And we'd surely argue that Eurgan smells of cabbage.

But there is one simple thing you cannot argue.

Being down 2 people doesn't mean a damn when you have people focused and driven to succeed. Our 2nd night of raiding saw us walk into Mogu'shan Vaults and drop the first boss, The Stone Guard (Amethyst Guardian, Cobalt Guardian, Jade Guardian, Jasper Guardian). And we did so down 4 regulars, and running a raid with 23 people with only 5 of which being healers.

One helluva job!



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