Patch 5.2 hit the servers on Tuesday, March 5th. Militis Justica's first foray into the Throne of Thunder was to be Thursday night.

And on Thursday night, everybody showed up with thier raiding shoes, and after a few attempts, we made quick work of Jin'rokh the Breaker! A very fun encounter saw things come together rather quickly, and the guild making steady progress towards the kill with each attempt.

Monday night brought a mopping up of 16/16 with a various mix of 10 and 25 man raid kills, with Sha of Fear falling right before the patch went live (Screenshot). Following it up with a jump into the new content, and a new Boss Kill!

The 10 mans have been built and posted.

We have a a couple "extra" people who either haven't toggled, or haven't been around for recent raids. They will be left off the 20 invites for now, and will address the situation as we approach the raid night.

The 2nd Group (My Group) will have a question mark as it relates to a Healer (Warmedic). Hopefully it will balance out by the weekend!

Kill kill/stabby Stabby!


Sometimes a little bit goes a long way.

After some drama and turnover, some recruitment and improvement, and just all around phenomenal work, Militis Justica got off the schnied and dropped Garalon in Hear of Fear.

Once the strat was locked down, it was all about execution. And after 3 separate 1% wipes, it was obvious we had the kill. It was a nice job all around. And a complete showing of focus and dedication after the previous weeks unrelated hassle!



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