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After a forced break due to the July 4th holiday, we came back in and mopped up Jin'rokh. Now it's time to continue our push!

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Militis Justica began this tier facing difficulty fielding 25-person raids, yet, similar to the previous tier, after switching to 10-person raids we were able to surmount those issues. On June 24th we earned Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen due to the consistent and dedicated effort of our raid team. I would like to personally thank Rhys, Jantarus, and Uzbeckham for filling in when needed. Great job, everyone!

Now it's on to Hard Modes!

Edit: I have also included the Sha of Fear feat of strength we earned in the previous tier in the above screenshot.


Patch 5.2 hit the servers on Tuesday, March 5th. Militis Justica's first foray into the Throne of Thunder was to be Thursday night.

And on Thursday night, everybody showed up with thier raiding shoes, and after a few attempts, we made quick work of Jin'rokh the Breaker! A very fun encounter saw things come together rather quickly, and the guild making steady progress towards the kill with each attempt.

Monday night brought a mopping up of 16/16 with a various mix of 10 and 25 man raid kills, with Sha of Fear falling right before the patch went live (Screenshot). Following it up with a jump into the new content, and a new Boss Kill!



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