Malkorok Down.jpg
Malkorok Down.jpg (170.04 KiB) Viewed 35986 times
Malkorok was a great deal of fun! This was an interesting encounter, but it didn't take us long to acclimate. On to Spoils and Thok!

Nazgrim Kill.jpg
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Shortly after completing the Dark Shaman encounter we dropped General Nazgrim following our first, brief night of attempts. I cannot thank all the raiders (both full-time and reserve) enough for the dedication and grit exhibited during the last two patches!

Galakras Kill.jpg
Galakras Kill.jpg (245.04 KiB) Viewed 17033 times
As per Militis Justica tradition, we killed Galakras on the last pull of the evening. Every attempt saw some measure of progress, and our perseverance, communication, and attentiveness paid dividends. Abi and Egrem expertly operated the tower cannons, and the entire team demonstrated their ability to adapt. On to Iron Juggernaut!



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