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After several diligent weeks, minor strat tweaks, and unlucky attendance streaks, we managed to pull everything together. This has easily been the most difficulty we've faced during this expansion, but I've had the privilege of leading the most dedicated, optimistic, and tolerant group of players I have ever encountered in any gaming medium. Everyone was willing to be subbed in and out when asked, and - to the last person - you have all been helpful during the guild's transition in leadership.

Thank you to everyone who was present during the successful raid last night and to all the reserve raiders who stepped up when the chips were down. Now we will look to complete hard modes as this expansion winds down.

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Militis Justica took down both Thok and Siegecrafter this week following a minor shift in our raiding lineup. Given the hype surrounding Siegecrafter I expected him to be far more difficult, but we brought him down after only a few attempts this evening. My thanks to those who put in the time on these bosses, and to those who took a few lumps last night while we found our bearings.

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Malkorok was a great deal of fun! This was an interesting encounter, but it didn't take us long to acclimate. On to Spoils and Thok!



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