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Militis Justica had a productive week, dropping Etraeus and Tel'arn for the first time and finally getting a look at Elisande. After barely peeking at Phase 2 of the Grand Magistrix encounter, MJ decided to take one more shot at the ruler of Suramar before retiring for the evening; it paid off.

Thank you to everyone who was there to pick up the slack while I was out at the beginning of Nighthold.

Next on the docket: Gul'dan!

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Last Thursday, MJ removed another boss from our list: Elerethe Renferal (AKA: Spider-Bird Druid). Just three more bosses to go -- Il'gynoth, Cenarius, and Xavius -- before we can close the book on Heroic Nightmare.

Heroic Nythendra.jpg
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On the second night of attempts, Militis Justica dropped Heroic Nythendra and began work on the Dragons of Nightmare. It shouldn't be long before the next boss photo!



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