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It's been a while since an update: Currently, we're 10/13 H HFC, because...

Last Thursday, we finally put Archimonde to rest. Everything seemed to fall into place, leaving us with another thirty minutes to kill before the end of our scheduled raid time. So we did what any self-respecting bunch of raiders would do: we farmed Heroic Mannoroth for bonus rolls.

Great job, everyone!

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Tonight we dropped both Tyrant Velhari and Mannoroth for the first time! Since tonight was our first set of attempts on Mannoroth, I'd say the evening went pretty well. Great job, everyone!

After dispatching Iskar for the first time, we decided to at least take a look at Fel Lord Zakuun. Just three minutes before 9:30 - and after a very brief, incomplete rundown of the fight - we pulled the boss. A few moments later we had a one-shot. Thanks to all the raiders who worked on Iskar prior to the kill and to everyone on Monday for such a fun night!
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