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After two brief nights of raiding, MJ brought down 5 Hellfire bosses: Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok, High Council, and Kilrogg Deadeye. Next, we're looking to clear the instance and move on to Heroic difficulty. Great job, everyone!

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After almost 50 attempts on Heroic Maidens, Militis Justica brought them down on Thursday. Thank you to everyone who was present for the kill, everyone who sat out, and everyone who has helped us work on this fight. It was a great night of raiding, and demonstrated that persistence and focus will carry the day.

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Tonight was another excellent outing, as Militis Justica dropped both the Iron Maidens and Oregorger. Now that tier gear is starting to filter to the raid, we have set our sights on Blast Furnace, Blackhand, and - perhaps most importantly - Heroic BRF.

I'd like to personally thank the entire raid team for putting up with tardy kill posts (among other things), yet still showing up on-time and ready to rock every single Wednesday and Thursday. This is the most fun I've personally had since leading MJ raids, and I owe it to this great team of people.

- Haelyn



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