We'd probably argue we weren't ready. We'd probably argue that some had no business being in there. And we'd surely argue that Eurgan smells of cabbage.

But there is one simple thing you cannot argue.

Being down 2 people doesn't mean a damn when you have people focused and driven to succeed. Our 2nd night of raiding saw us walk into Mogu'shan Vaults and drop the first boss, The Stone Guard (Amethyst Guardian, Cobalt Guardian, Jade Guardian, Jasper Guardian). And we did so down 4 regulars, and running a raid with 23 people with only 5 of which being healers.

One helluva job!

10 man Raids will run until the 25th. See Abizoath or Phorsaken with Interest. The following players currently have Ilvl's in the acceptable range to Raid (460). Players with "(###)" next to their name are below the 460 ilvl, but with in range to be acceptable. This post is updated daily:

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Zalanar (455)

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Ranged DPS:                       Melee DPS: 
Sylatha                           Kayaan
Thran                             Egrem
CaptArcher                        Rhowa
Abizoath                          Hardensoul
Xbrewer                           Saydi

[a fancy image will go here, once i install ftp software]

Militis Justica will venture into Looking For Raid, Mogu'shan Vaults, on Wednesday October 10th. Anybody and everything who is level 90 and of the correct item level is welcomed to join us.

We will have punch and pie as we plan the invasion of Canada, and the freeing of Terrence of Phillip. Thran will be in charge of disabling the alarm because I %!@&$* HATE GUARD DOGS!

So sign on Wednesday and have fun!

Viva La Resistance!



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