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Militis Justica will venture into Looking For Raid, Mogu'shan Vaults, on Wednesday October 10th. Anybody and everything who is level 90 and of the correct item level is welcomed to join us.

We will have punch and pie as we plan the invasion of Canada, and the freeing of Terrence of Phillip. Thran will be in charge of disabling the alarm because I %!@&$* HATE GUARD DOGS!

So sign on Wednesday and have fun!

Viva La Resistance!


Second verse, same as the first!

This Sunday night, MJ will venture into Dragon Soul for another night of fun, deaths, and Thran feast sitting. Major goal will be to knock out the Holding Hands achievement on Hagara.

There are no calendar invites, show up if you want to go!


With the release of the Mists of Pandaria patch this past Tuesday, every single player had their talents reset and completely redesigned. Some classes have a completely different approach to the way they are played.

So I figured we get as many people as we can, and we go into Dragon Soul 25 man normal, and learn our new specs the best way possible. A crash course to as many deaths as possible!

Invites will begin at 7:30 on Thursday, August 30th. The raid will begin at 8pm. There are no calendar invites sent out. So just show up if you want to raid, and we will go roflstomp Dragon Soul.

Or get Roflstomped, either way it should be fun!



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