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Last Thursday, MJ dropped Hans and Franz on our first night of attempts. Great job to everyone involved!

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On Monday, Militis Justica used an off-night to return to Highmaul, and we brought down the Imperator on Normal difficulty. With a little time remaining in the evening, we decided to try Heroic Butcher and made short work of him as well. This inspired us to push Heroic Highmaul on Wednesday, which proved successful:

Heroic Kargath - dead
Heroic Butcher - dead
Heroic Tectus - dead
Heroic Twins - dead

Great job MJ!

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Last night Militis Justica dropped the second-to-last boss in Highmaul: Ko'ragh. Now, we set our sights on Imperator and moving into Heroic difficulty.

Oh, and we picked up a fancy little achievement in the process.



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